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Cleaning Solutions

I’m going to train a healthcare facility on a new microfiber cleaning program. Is there an industry standard for colors of microfiber cleaning cloths in hospitals that I should recommend?


Golden Star offers a wide variety of color options because our goal is to accommodate facilities in whatever color coding system they have trained their employees on. If they’re starting out fresh, an industry standard color-coding system could include:  red for high-risk areas such as toilets and urinals; yellow for low-risk restroom areas including sinks and mirrors; blue for all-purpose cleaning (dusting, window cleaning, wiping desks, etc.) in other areas of a facility; and green for food-service areas. However, some building service contractors and cleaning professionals devise their own color combinations to meet their specific needs.

We have seen a very wide variety of color coding systems used. What we have also seen is it’s easier from a training standpoint to just provide the different colors being used than it is to retrain an entire cleaning staff on a new system. There is not a right or wrong answer in terms of the specific colors being used but there does need to be a system in place.

The example above is an option and you could also create other good systems with different colors used. The one consistent theme we do see is that the top four colors in healthcare are Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

I have been looking through your MIMA Microfiber products and there are so many options I'm a little confused on what to add to our product line. Can you make this simple and tell me what you sell the most of?

When dealing with microfiber products, based on Golden Star’s sales numbers, there is a clear winner in the most popular products and systems. As you mentioned, there are a lot of mops and systems available such as tab mops, pocket mops and Velcro style pads. The Velcro style pad systems and products far and [...]

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When I’m choosing a wet mop, how do I make sure I’m getting one that will last and is not going to need to be thrown away quickly?

This is an excellent question!   The key to the longevity of wet mops is the fiber content that they’re made of and generally speaking, if they’re made with tailbands or not.  Most mops that have tailbands on the end are what you would consider “launderable” and meant to be used many times.   The [...]

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Hi, I currently use Golden Star’s Infinity Twist Dust Mops and I have customers who want me to provide them with microfiber products too. Will I have to treat these products differently when I wash and dry them?

Yes!  Golden Star has a complete list of washing and drying instructions for all of the products that are able to be laundered.  We do recommend different washing and drying instructions for all microfiber products because they are made differently than traditional mops. Microfiber products cannot be washed and dried with conventional mops and it’s [...]

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My customer has asked me if I can tell them how much square footage a Golden Star Infinity Twist Dust Mop will cover before it needs to be changed. I have no clue…can you help me with this?

Golden Star’s Infinity Twist Dust Mop is the best and most durable dust mop available on the market.  It covers about 2,000 square feet per lineal inch. For instance, a 24” Infinity Twist Dust Mop will pick up about 48,000 Square feet, a 36” will cover 72,000 square feet and a 48” will cover 96,000 square [...]

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