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When I’m choosing a wet mop, how do I make sure I’m getting one that will last and is not going to need to be thrown away quickly?


This is an excellent question!   The key to the longevity of wet mops is the fiber content that they’re made of and generally speaking, if they’re made with tailbands or not.  Most mops that have tailbands on the end are what you would consider “launderable” and meant to be used many times.   The cut end wet mops without tailbands are generally mops that are made to be disposable.  They will be used for a very limited time and then thrown away.

Mops that are made with a blended fiber content are going to last longer because they are made with fiber that is stronger and has more abrasion resistance.  Fibers like Polyester and Acrylic not only add color to the mop but they also add strength and durability whereas Rayon and Cotton have different features but don’t necessarily add strength to the mop.

When you want to know about the longevity of the wet mops you’re buying, be sure to check the fiber content and what they’re made of!